Issued: 4 July 2013
Revised: 10 October 2014

The following definitions were developed by the staff of the History in the interest of providing clarity and better understanding for those who may not be fully familiar with the terms commonly used in the History.

Originally, the Church of Scientology sold technical and administrative dictionaries, which appear to be difficult to obtain these days. To compile those dictionaries, the staff of the Church simply went back to the original source materials (L. Ron Hubbard lectures and writings), and lifted whole sections. Each definition was also supplied with a reference to the original work. Unfortunately, in many cases this made the definitions hard to understand (too much or too little context; peculiar wording which made sense when listening to the lecture, but harder to get the sense of by simply reading a transcript, etc.). It did have the advantage of providing a way to verify each definition for accuracy. It also made it easy to do more research into a definition not well understood in the original dictionary.

The Scientology History Project wanted to accomplish several goals with respect to our glossary:

As such, we have chosen to

Should you find inaccuracies or inadequacies in any of our definitions, please contact us with the item being defined, and how and why it should be changed. We will be glad to correct the definition of any terms found to be wrongly or incompletely defined.

Anyone who works directly for the History. In other organizations, these could be called "staff". In the History, "administrator" is the preferred term.
A web address
An email address
Advanced Materials
Generally referring to the study materials for confidential levels from Grade V (two levels below Clear) to OT VIII
Advanced Organization or AO
A church of Scientology which is charged with delivering and training auditors to deliver advanced level materials, in particular most of the OT levels. The Advanced Organizaton of Los Angeles (AOLA) is one such organization.
A process whereby an auditor guides a person in some way to look at or examine a portion of their life and thereby eliminate any emotional or mental charge connected with it.
A person who delivers auditing. Such a person requires training in the specific techniques on which he audits. The original word "auditor" comes the Latin root for the word "to listen", since this is a primary duty of an auditor
Auditor's Code
A code for auditors which dictates their rights and responsibilities with regard to preclears and Scientology.
Ban List
A list of individuals and organizations from which the History is forbidden to accept donations or other support. Such organizations would include, for example the Church of Scientology and Anonymous. Aside from those defined at the outset, the Ban List is typically confidential. An individual may request to know if they are on this list and receive a truthful answer.
Bridge, The
A fixed set of steps, processes and routines developed by L. Ron Hubbard to take a person from whatever state that are in when they come into Scientology to the state of Clear and ultimately to the state of OT
Briefing Course or BC
An auditor training course originally delivered by LRH in the early to mid 1960s at St Hill which generally encompassed all the processes and technologies discovered up to that time. This course can still be delivered today, and when completed, produces a "Class VI" auditor. Also known as the SHSBC.
A piece of software on your computer which allows you to visit various websites on the Internet, simply by typing in a web address where indicated. A browser typically has a field at the top where you can type in a web address where you want to go. Below that is the area where the content of the website will be displayed.
Mental mass associated with unpleasant emotions, attitudes or sensations. This mass will register on the needle movement of an e-meter
A chit is literally a scrap of paper. However, in the context of Scientology, it usually refers to an ethics report of some sort. Thus a "Dev-T Chit" would be an ethics report describing the developed and unnecessary traffic (Dev-T) activities of one or more persons.
Church of Scientology
A religion founded by others (not LRH) in 1954, which encompasses the spiritual teachings and technologies originally developed by L. Ron Hubbard.
A class generally refers to a level of auditor or the materials which he studies. Where a group of auditors is gathered to train, the preferred term is a "course". Compare to Grade
Class VI
An auditor who as completed the St Hill Special Briefing Course
Class VIII
A course designed to make perfect auditors. It emphasizes the basics of auditing and is done three times through to ensure complete understanding of the materials
A graduate of this course
Class XII
The highest level auditor training course in Scientology. The course primarily teaches the auditor to deliver the L 12 rundown
A state of mental and emotional clarity achievable through the proper practice of Scientology. While there are various technical definitions of Clear, it is in fact a precise state. It is typically achieved via doing the Clearing Course, or more often through auditing Dianetics. This is infrequently refered to as "Grade 7".
Someone or some entity who contributes an financial, technical, hosting or other support to the History
CSW or Completed Staff Work
A request for action or decision on some matter. Such a request must include full research into the matter so that the person receiving the CSW (presumably to accept it) need look no further in making a determination. The person making the request must state in definite terms what decision they wish (based on the research). Any CSW found to be be lacking in full reasoning, documentation, research or clarity may be rejected, reason being that the CSW is thus "incomplete".
Stands for "developed and unnecessary traffic". This is an administrative term which characterizes activity which is usually contrary to policy and which wastes time and energy to execute and/or deal with. One type of dev-t, for example, is "presenting a body". This would be where, rather than summarizing a situation or actions in a despatch, a person physically interrupts someone else's work to verbally describe what should have been in writing. There are many types of Dev-T, but all are unnecessary and waste time and group energy to execute and/or deal with.
Any of the Board-level History administrators who exercise ultimate decision making powers over the History.
Generally, a web address. In this context, the word derives from its meaning in mathematics.
Someone with sufficient privileges and whose duty it is to edit submissions to the History
The electronic equivalent of mail accepted and delivered by the various postal authorities around the world. The difference between mail and email is that email travels via the Internet and is viewable in an email program.
Email Address
A word or phrase, generally followed by an "at sign" (@) and a domain name. Such addresses are used on the Internet as the sources and destinations for email.
An essential tool in most Scientology auditing. It is a meter which passes a small current through a person and registers mental charge or mass built up over time, and similarly, the loss of such mass. It has various dials used to adjust the position and swing of a center needle.
A mental picture of pain and unconsciousness. Such pictures have a negative impact on one's life, primarily because of their verbal content, which has actual command value on the person. A mental picture of pain and unconsciousness without verbal content would have very little aberrative impact on a person.
This is a naval slang term frequently used by LRH. It describes a series of actions designed to achieve a certain positive result. For example, a "stop the boat" evolution might consist of calling for the engines to be stopped, then reversed (to slow the forward progress of the vessel), drifting to a full stop, and dropping the anchor. Evolutions are generally short-term sets of actions.
Capitalized, this refers to the Independent Field
Generally refers to the Flag Service Organization, located in Clearwater, Florida, which is supposed to deliver the highest level processing and technical training in Scientology
Originally the term referred to the primary ship in a group of ships used by the Sea Org. The ship's actual name was the "Apollo".
An adjective referring to the most upper level delivery organizations and their ancillary activities. For example, FSO refers to the "Flag Service Organization" in Clearwater. There is also the "Flag Crew Organization", the FSSO (Flag Ship Service Organization) aboard the ship, The Freewinds, etc.
Free Zone
Another, older term for the Independent Field. This is that group of Scientologists who have left the Church of Scientology and wish to practice Scientology free of many of the perceived constraints, politics and abuses of the Church of Scientology, particularly as managed by David Miscavige
After a 2010 schism in the Independent Field, this term generally refers to a subset of the Independent Field which is known for squirreling, nattering about the Church of Scientology, and fostering bizarre conspiracy theories.
Any of several levels of release wherein a person will have achieved relief from specific areas of difficulty in their lives. There are seven major grades, the last three of which are confidential and culminate in the state of Clear.
Grade refers almost exclusively to the PC or Pre-OT level, not the auditor delivering it. See class
See Bridge
Computers and other physical objects designed to connect to them and aid in their use or deployment.
The computer(s) on which the History runs.
History The
This project. It is a website designed to present a timeline of historical events regarding Scientology, and a set of historically accurate accounts of events designed to run out group engrams of Scientologists. It is not a history or biography of LRH or the Church of Scientology, except as needed to flesh out the history of the subject of Scientology.
The computer(s) on which website software runs.
The computer(s) and software combination on which the History site runs.
The last name of the Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard
A derogatory term used by non-Scientologists and certain Independent Field individuals to indicate writings, utterances, or beliefs held by L. Ron Hubbard. Where you see a construction like, "Hubbard's belief that..." what follows is likely to be held up to mockery or derision. A "with-LRH" Scientologist would normally use the term "Ron" or "LRH" instead of "Hubbard"
Independent Field
Broadly, those outside the Church of Scientology who are still or were Scientologists.
Scientologists in the Field, but independent of the Free Zone.
A worldwide network of computers and communication lines between them. This network was originated in the late 1960s, under cooperative agreements between the U.S. government, various universities and large technology companies. Currently, the Internet encompasses the web, email and a variety of other content which is available to various consumer electronic devices. Such devices can include desktop computers, pad-like computers, cell phones and even some televisions.
A commonly used form of address when referring to L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology.
L Rundown(s)
One of three powerful rundowns resulting from upper level research done by LRH. These rundowns (L 10, L 11 and L 12) are delivered only at Flag and may be delivered at various points on the Bridge, including prior to Clear. Each rundown requires an auditor classed to that level (Class X, Class XI, Class XII) to deliver it.
Mayo, David
Former Senior Case Supervisor International and for a time, LRH's personal auditor. In the early 1980s, Mayo was declared suppressive and expelled from the Church of Scientology. He subsequently set up a field practice in Santa Barbara, California, called the "Advanced Ability Center". He was then harrassed by the Church of Scientology to such an extent that he ceased operations in California. Whether Mayo deserved being declared and harrassed is still a matter of debate in the Field.
The particular wiki software which runs Wikipedia. MediaWiki is a particularly popular, secure and robust instance of wiki software.
Mirror or Mirror Site
A website which duplicates the content of an existing site, to lessen the strain on an existing site by providing an alternative place where traffic can be directed to take the load off the original site. Such sites may also exist to ensure that content from the original site is not lost if something happens to the original computer which hosts it.
A website which duplicates the content of an existing site, but in a different language, to lessen the traffic strain on the original site and provide more usable content to those speaking a different language.
Miscavige, David
A senior executive of Scientology, currently the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, a senior branch in the overall organization of Scientology. Miscavige is generally lionized inside the Church and demonized outside of it.
A "franchise" of the Church of Scientology, generally owned by a Scientologist and allowed to deliver certain low level and introductory Scientology services. It is an entity separate from an Organization and owned by a specific person, instead of being a formal part of the Church of Scientology.
From HCOPL 15 Dec 69 //URGENT// Class of Orgs: The difference between an official org and a Franchise or Mission is that an official org is looked to as a distribution point for source, runs on policy, is responsible for its area and looks to its Continental Org and WW [World Wide -ed] for policy.
Open Source
A type of software which is freely available to the public. In general Open Source software has these characteristics:
  1. The "source code" (the human readable language which comprises a program and the steps of a program) is freely available. Contrast this to almost all software from Microsoft or Adobe.
  2. The program and its source code are not controlled solely by a company or other commercial entity
  3. Any person or entity may make changes to the source code
  4. Any changes to the source code must be made available under the same terms as the original source code
Open Source software is often also referred to as "FOSS", which stands for "Free and Open Source". The "free" in this case meaning "free" as in free from encumbrance, not free as in cost. This type of software is the preferred type of software for the History.
Operating System
The lowest level of software on a computer. This software runs beneath higher level programs and directs the immediate functioning of the hardware
Organization or Org
A formal Church of Scientology, usually responsible for an area of a city or area of a country, and part of the overall Church. Often shortened to just "Org". Orgs can also be of various levels, as in Class IV or Class V Orgs, Advanced Orgs, Saint HIlls, etc.
From HCOPL 15 Dec 69 URGENT Class of Orgs: The difference between an official or and a Franchise or Mission is that an official org is looked to as a distribution point for source, runs on policy, is responsible for its area and looks to its Continental Org and WW [World Wide -ed] for policy.
OT or Operating Thetan
An advanced state of being wherein the person has significant freedom from the upsets of the past, and potential abilities not common among those who have not achieved the state. It is arrived at by continued auditing after the state of Clear
Colloquially, someone who, having achieved the state of Clear, is now in the process of auditing the processes and levels necessary to attain the state of OT
Adjective describing the levels or processes which must be done to ultimately attain the state of OT
Other Practices
Broadly, any mental or spiritual practice which is not Scientology. Specifically, such practice which is practiced by itself or practiced in combination with Scientology. The mixing of Scientology with such practice is referred to as "squirreling". It is a bad thing.
Preclear or PC
A person who is being or has been audited but has not yet attained the state of Clear
Colloquially, anyone who is being or has been audited, though in the case of those who are Clear, the more proper term is Pre-OT.
A person who has achieved the state of Clear, but not yet achieved the state of OT
A series of steps or projects which, when executed, will produce a specific result or achieve a specific goal.
A series of steps which direct a computer to function in a certain way or carry out a specific task.
A state of mind wherein a specific part of a person's upsets or difficulties have been relieved. Each state of release is generally referred to as a grade
L. Ron Hubbard's preferred form of address, when referring to himself. He eschewed titles and preferred to simply be called "Ron". Ron was the founder of Scientology, and was the source of virtually all the material which comprises the subject. He lived from 1911 to 1986 and was primarily a science fiction writer before devoting his life to the development and refinement of Scientology in 1947. He returned to writing science fiction late in his life.
A person, inside or outside the Church of Scientology, who has taken courses or been audited with Scientology. This term has been questionably trademarked by the Church of Scientology to refer to its members.
Saint Hill
A Church of Scientology organization charged with delivering primarily training, particularly the St Hill Special Briefing Course. The American St Hill Organization (ASHO) is one such organization.
An English country manor which LRH purchased in the 1960s and from which he administered all the other organizations in the world, as well as delivering the St Hill Special Briefing Course.
An applied religious philosophy founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology is effective in the areas of ethics, administration and mental/spiritual pursuits to the extent it is not mixed with other practices or altered.
Sea Org (Sea Organization or SO)
A fraternal organization within Scientology whose members undergo tough preliminary training and are charged with custodianship of the "advanced materials" and the management of Orgs. They sign billion year contracts as symbols of their dedication to their task. The Sea Org was formed in 1967 by LRH.
The acronym for the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course
A website. In the context of the History, the website which contains the History.
Directions for a computer's operation which are written in human-like languages. More specifically, the computer programs which run the History. Similarly, the computer programs which run the computer(s) on which the History is hosted.
A type of auditing where the person being audited is also the person auditing. It is a specialized technology used primarily at upper levels of Scientology where the speed of progress is simply too fast for a separate auditor to keep up.
Adjective to describe an auditor who is trained to and/or is auditing the Solo levels or Solo materials
Adjective to describe levels of auditing which are done on a Solo basis
Adjective to describe the study materials of levels which are audited on a Solo basis
Someone who engages is offbeat mental practices.
Anyone who alters Scientology and/or practices an altered version of Scientology.
Anyone who advocates for practicing Scientology or an altered version of Scientology in any way so as to lessen its effectiveness
Anyone who mixes Scientology with an other practice
See administrator
The people who work at an Org
Standard Technology
The body of technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Most particularly, it can refer to only the auditing technology. But it may also refer to all the technology developed by Ron (Ethics, Administrative and Auditing).
Any document, testimony, writing or other evidence submitted to the History
Someone who submits content for the History
The auditing processes of Scientology and the theory behind them.
More generally, the Ethics, Administrative or Auditing theory and practices of Scientology
Theta Clear
A stable state wherein a person is at cause over his own reactive mind and can create and/or uncreate it at will.
A state where a person can, at will, operate exterior from the body and does not have need to return to it when it is hurt
Originally and also the World Wide Web; generally now shortened to just "web" or "The Web")
That aspect of the Internet which is composed of websites
Web Address (also simply Address)
A term, word or phrase (without spaces between words) which takes you to a website when typed into the address field of a browser. Internet addresses typically end in a group of letters like ".com", ".org", ".net" and similar.
A page or set of pages available to your browser which is self-contained and covers whatever the creator of the website wants to explain or promote.
A type of software which is used to hold knowledge or documents. A wiki generally allows for user collaboration in the addition or deletion of information in it. Such collaboration can be limited to only a few, authorized people.
A broadly used encyclopedic reference on the the web for all manner of subjects. Due to the fact that articles may normally be changed by users, it has gained a reputation as being less than accurate. However, for many uses, its articles are fully adequate in accuracy.
With LRH
This is a derogatory term invented by prominent Independent Field blogger Marty Rathbun to refer to Scientologists who wish to practice Standard Technology and whom he believes are crippled by the religious and group beliefs engendered by L. Ron Hubbard's writings

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