History of the History

I've listened to the Briefing Course tape "Org Board and Livingness" (6504C06, SHSBC 420) several times, and one of the datums from that tape that always struck me as interesting was in this quote:

If we don't express the function on the org board, it will be worn unknowingly by everyone.

I often wondered about that with regard to Scientology. Was there anything left off the org board which might wrap itself around all of our heads? One answer I came up with was the "historian" function. It was not something important to the production in a Scientology org, but that didn't mean it wasn't still important. And yet, I'd never seen it on any org board.

I had long considered doing a history of Scientology, especially after I started studying The Basics. Not being an auditor, but being a "Tech Geek", I was fascinated by the changes in technology as Scientology progressed. I had recorded some dates and seminal events in Scientology on several pages of notes. I never intended to put it out for anyone else's use, except maybe as a brief paper.

Then I was contacted privately by a commenter to my blog, who, among other things, said he wanted to do a history of Scientology. Since I'd already done some research in this direction, I got interested at that point in doing something perhaps more public than just a simple paper. I emailed this fellow my accumulated notes, and started thinking more seriously about the whole thing. My friend's reasons for doing such a history were slightly different from mine. He wanted to run out the group engrams of Scientology, an admirable and needed task. Ultimately, our goals aligned.

Having been a WISE consultant, and having helped found both a company and a social group, I have a fair knowledge of organization. So I starting to work thinking of what sort of organization was needed, what the admin scale and policies might look like. I spent several weeks writing things up, refining them, etc. Since I also have experience building websites, I built one locally and refined it over a period of weeks. I also did some research into software suitable to run such a history project. Finally, I registered a "domain name" and put up the content for my friend and another member to see (and approve).

The result of all that is what you see before you. The website itself is very spare and plain in design, on purpose. The History is not here to excite you with its slick design and snappy graphics. It's here to perform a function. Thus, it is neat and clean, without an abundance of distracting shiny objects.

At first, we expect the content to be sparse. Over time, and with your help, more information will rest here, and the site will become more useful. Our hope is that you contribute what you know of Scientology's history (if you know anything significant), and that it grows to be a site you bookmark and come back to over time.

Paul M. Foster
for the
Board of Directors