Books Of Scientology

The following are the Scientology books written by LRH, compiled from LRH materials, or frequently cited in the History. Dates of publication or creation are included in parentheses after the titles. Titles are listed in chronological order.1

  • Excalibur (1938)
    A book summarizing L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries which eventually lead to Dianetics. It was never published as itself, but most of it has been released in HCOBs, HCOPLs and LRH books.2,3
  • Dianetics The Original Thesis (1948)
    A brief manuscript outlining the basic principles of Dianetics. It was created to answer questions people had about the subject of Dianetics. Unfortunately, it was insufficient to fill the demand for information. Its inadequacy eventually lead to the publication of Dianetics.
  • Dianetics The Evolution of a Science (Apr 1950)
    A work originally written for national magazines to coincide with the release of Dianetics. This book, as the title implies, describes the evolution of Dianetics, and is less technical than Dianetics The Original Thesis and Dianetics.
  • Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health (1 May 1950)
    The first and most authoritative full treatise on Dianetics. It quickly became a bestseller, and periodically returns to that status.
  • Science of Survival ()
  • Mission Into Time ()
  • Guide to Materials of Dianetics and Scientology (2009)
    Not written by L. Ron Hubbard, published by the Church of Scientology Internationsl. This is a book which purports to highlight all the various books, lecture series and other materials from the Church. For the most part, it shows each item in chronological order and explains the item in its proper context. As such, it is a useful tool to use as a jumping off point in researching the chronology of the subject. Its chronology is assumed to be accurate. Where a reader has disagreement, they are encouraged to contact The History and make their case (preferably with supporting evidence) about a particular citation.

1GMDS Unless otherwise specified, publication dates are from this reference.
3HCOB 17 Mar 1969, HCOPL 26 Apr 1970


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