Issued 4 July 2013

The History is not designed to make anyone rich or provide a living for anyone. It should, so far as is possible, cover its expenses and provide a cushion for upgraded facilities and defense. It shall accept donations from Field Scientologists, Scientologist owned enterprises, and possibly neutral wog organizations. All donations shall be budgeted to cover the operating expenses of the History for a period of up to a year. Amounts above this shall be banked as reserves.

A special case of donations shall exist for Field Scientologist enterprises which principally deliver training or processing. Such entities may be entitled to minor advertisements on the History website, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. In such an event, the Board should draw up a schedule of donations which would entitle such entities to advertisement on the site and in what form and where.

Financial contributions, as with contributions of support, shall be subject to the Ban List.

The finances of the History shall be broadly published on this site on a yearly basis at least, if not more frequently.

Paul M. Foster
for the
Board of Directors