Sources of Policy

Issued 4 July 2013

There are two sources of policy for the History. First, most important and senior policy is that which is contained in the History's policy directives, numbered from 0. This is the senior policy.

The second source of policy is policy written by L Ron Hubbard for Churches of Scientology. This policy shall apply if it does not contradict History policy and can be adapted to the purposes and activities of the History.

The above in no way implies any connection between the Church of Scientology and the History. It is instead an acknowledgement of the fact that policy written by L. Ron Hubbard is generally workable for any organization.

Any person within the History may suggest policy. Any policy, to be accepted, must written up in CSW form to the Board of Directors for their consideration. Such requests shall be acted upon in a reasonable amount of time by the Board.

Emergency violations of policy shall be tolerated, but must be fully justified and reverted within a reasonable amount of time, or the violated policy changed.

Policies shall be sequentially numbered and shall be referred to by their number. Revised policies shall have "point releases" added to their numbering. For example, the second revision to Policy 3 shall be designated Policy 3.2.

Paul M. Foster
for the
Board of Directors