Privacy of Contributors and Submitters

Issued 4 july 2013

It shall be the duty of the history to attempt to collect all possible contact information from a contributor or submitter. such information shall be considered confidential, and shall not be shared with anyone outside the history except under the following circumstances:
  1. where the person or entity expresses their assent to part or all of their information being made public as part of their contribution or submission. In such a case, only that information they wish to be made public shall be revealed publicly.
  2. the history is legally obligated to reveal such contact information. Such information shall be revealed only where it can be verified that the demand is legal and the entity demanding the information is legally entitled to make the demand. Contact information shall be then revealed only to that person or entity, and only the contact information they specifically demand to know.
Contributors and submitters should be referred to this policy when making contributions or submissions. This constitutes the history's "privacy policy".

Paul M. Foster
for the
Board of Directors