What's To Stop The Bad Guys From Taking Over?

Issued 4 July 2013

Since we as Scientologists have seen what can happen when an organization is taken over and overrun by suppressives, it's reasonable to ask how such a circumstance can be prevented with respect to the History.

There is no organizational, policy or administrative trick or barrier which would prevent the History from being infiltrated by those who wish to harm or impede it.

The only true barrier to such an event is the alertness of the History's personnel and public and their courage in preventing others from doing it harm.

In other words, it's up to you. Whether you're a member of the Board, a lower level personnel, or a public person who has an interest in our mission, it's up to you to let someone know if you see a threat. Write Knowledge Reports first to the Dir I&R and keep doing so up the org board until action is taken. If you're staff, do what you can from your position to impede the harmful activities of others.

Again, it's up to you.

Paul M. Foster
for the
Board of Directors