Group Justice

Issued 4 July 2013

While it may be distasteful to many who have endured poorly administered or conducted group justice, any and all groups must have a way of maintaining discipline and ensuring group members follow internal policy.

There are two ways in which the History manages group justice. One is for relatively minor infractions of History policy. In this case, the Dir I & R or those in charge of a person requiring discipline may administer justice gradients or other justice actions at their discretion.

The second way is reserved for more serious matters or matters involving potential group injustice. This is the convening of a Committee of Investigation.

Committees of Investigation

Committees of Investigation are conducted in much the same manner as dictated by "Committee of Evidence" policy by L. Ron Hubbard. Committees of Investigation are conducted exclusively by the Board of Directors, using Directors as Committee members. Committees of Investigation are indicated for the following reasons:
  1. Where the infractions are serious or ongoing, with no apparent change in conduct.
  2. Where the projected or expected result is ejection from the History.
  3. Where injustice is claimed, and the intent is to remedy such injustice,
Anyone within the History may request a Committee of Investigation. Such requests, unless originated at the Board level must go through the Dir I & R. He shall assemble a CSW request for a Committee of Investigation to the Board. The Board may or may not honor such a request at its option. If it does, it shall hold the Committee on a timely basis, using any evidence to hand (preferably in the original CSW). The Committee may request additional evidence as needed. The accused shall not appear before the Board unless the Board finds it absolutely necessary. Lawyers have no place in these proceedings and are not allowed. Committee of Investigations requested at the Board level are handled by the Board itself.

All such Committees shall consider it their duty to decide matters before the Committee on the basis of actual evidence. Committee decisions shall be made in accordance with the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics", and without bias or any consideration of "politics".

Matters of injustice within the History are automatically the province of Committees of Investigation. The Board shall give this type of matter top priority.

Final Authority

The Board of Directors is the final authority in all matters of justice. It should be noted that any justice or injustice carried out by the History, while possibly unfortunate, only has an effect within the History. The History is not the arbitor of anyone's future spiritual progress. Matters of group justice are only important within the context of the History, no further.


Justice matters may be appealed to the Board of Directors, though the Board is not obligated to call a new Committee of Investigation to remedy a claimed injustice committed via a prior Committee of Investigation. Neither is the Board obligated to take up matters of injustice committed at lower levels within the History, though it should seriously consider doing so.

Again, it should be born in mind that the History does not hold the keys to anyone's spiritual future. Matters of justice within the History are only important within the context of the History.

Paul M. Foster
for the
Board of Directors